Glass Science Lab Test Tubes

Heat resistent, rimmed glass test tubes for science, display, flower vases, packaging.

Buy volume & pay wholesale-save up to 50% over singles.

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  • 1/2x4
    SKU: 55903R $0.50USD
    1/2x4" Small Glass Test Tubes
  • 18x150mm Science Test Tubes
    SKU: 55907R $1.00USD
    18x150mm Science Test Tubes
  • Flower Vase Test Tube 1x4
    SKU: 55908R $1.00USD
    Flower Vase Test Tube 1x4"
  • 1x6
    SKU: 55909R $1.50USD
    1x6" Shot Glass Test Tubes
  • 1x8
    SKU: 55910R $2.00USD
    1x8" Big Glass Test Tubes
  • 1.25x8
    SKU: 55911R $3.20USD
    1.25x8" Large Glass Test Tubes
  • 38x200mm Gigantic Test Tubes
    SKU: 55912R $3.80USD
    38x200mm Gigantic Test Tubes
  • 100 Corks/13x100mm Test Tubes
    SKU: 55903R-CS100 $29.00USD
    100 Corks/13x100mm Test Tubes
  • 100 Corks/18x150mm Test Tubes
    SKU: 55907R-CS100 $55.00USD
    100 Corks/18x150mm Test Tubes
  • 100 Rubber Bungs/18x150mm Tubes
    SKU: 55907R-RS100 $71.00USD
    100 Rubber Bungs/18x150mm Tubes
  • 100 Corks + 25x100mm Tubes
    SKU: 55908R-CS100 $76.00USD
    100 Corks + 25x100mm Tubes
  • 100 Stoppers + 25x100mm Tubes
    SKU: 55908R-RS100 $94.00USD
    100 Stoppers + 25x100mm Tubes
  • 100 Corks + 25x150mm Tubes
    SKU: 55909R-CS100 $82.00USD
    100 Corks + 25x150mm Tubes
  • 100 Stoppers + 25x150mm Tubes
    SKU: 55909R-RS100 $103.00USD
    100 Stoppers + 25x150mm Tubes
  • 100 Corks + 25x250mm Tubes
    SKU: 55910R-CS100 $101.00USD
    100 Corks + 25x250mm Tubes
  • 100 Stoppers + 25x200mm Tubes
    SKU: 55910R-RS100 $120.00USD
    100 Stoppers + 25x200mm Tubes
  • 50 Corks/32x200mm Test Tubes
    SKU: 55911R-CS50 $99.00USD
    50 Corks/32x200mm Test Tubes
  • 50 Rubber Stoppers/32x200mm Tubes
    SKU: 55911R-RS50 $118.00USD
    50 Rubber Stoppers/32x200mm Tubes
  • 50 Corks/38x200mm Test Tubes
    SKU: 55912R-CS50 $125.00USD
    50 Corks/38x200mm Test Tubes
  • 50 Rubber Stoppers/38x200mm Tubes
    SKU: 55912R-RS50 $143.00USD
    50 Rubber Stoppers/38x200mm Tubes

Displaying 1 to 20 (of 20 products) Result Pages:  1 

Small Test Tubes

  • 13x100mm (1/2x4") are our smallest tubes
  • 18x150mm (3/4 x 6"), the standard chemistry lab test tube
  • stoppers & test tube racks available separately 

Medium Test Tubes

Large Test Tubes

Safety Disclaimer-Warning

Handle glassware with care & wear goggles & gloves because:

  1. Unless you poured it yourself, assume any liquid is hazardous.
  2. Hot & cold glass looks the same & does not have to be red to cause burns. Unless it was in the freezer, assume it is hot.
  3. Borosilicate glass will withstand a fair degree of thermal shock but unless your intent is to see if you can make it crack, don't toss recently heated glass into a cold water bath.
  4. When borosilicate glass breaks, it makes sharp edges like any other kind of glass. Dispose of pieces carefully.


No Glassware Returns

If you are unsure what glassware is best for your needs please contact us before ordering.

Glassware cannot be returned for any reason; this is for your safety and ours. It would be prohibitively expensive to test for bacteriological, chemical or radiological agents since there is no way to tell if glass has been contaminated just by looking at it. We would have to throw it away even if you claim to never have opened the package.

However, if the item is broken or clearly defective such as severely or chipped, send us an image & we will refund you.