Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Detection

Hydrogen sulfide-you know that smell; use these test papers for fast & easy confirmation in air or water down to 3ppm; only $5.00 per 100 strips.

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Lead acetate test strips, 100 pack

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This strip can be used on any drinking water but should be of particular interest to anyone using a well or groundwater who has concerns about bacterial contamination.  See our Blog on Leak Detection for more information.

These test paper do not come with a color chart but the presence and relative concentration of hydrogen sulfide is readily apparent. While normally specified with a 5ppm detection sensitivity, 1-3ppm appears to sufficient to slowly cause the white test paper to turn grey. As the concentration approaches the dangerous level of 400ppm, the change proceeds very rapidly..

Note: The number of strips per pack or vial is approximate.

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Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Detection,