Strong Base pH10-13 Strips, 50/Pk

Have a need for testing strong bases? These strips measure between pH 10 & 13 in 0.5 pH steps. You can use them for strong alkali solutions such as NaOH (lye).

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pH paper, 10-13 (base), 0.5 pH intervals, ~50/pack

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They can be used to test your aquarium pH increaser solutions made from NaOH (lye). You can also use it for science fair experiments to test the buffering capacity of milk of magnesia which is used to reduce heartburn (indigestion) due to excess stomach acid production or to measure chlorine bleach which is in the range of 11-13..

Note: The number of strips per pack or vial is approximate.

  • Narrow pH range10.0-13.0, resolution is 0.5 pH unit: for alkalinity tests
  • Test milk of magnesia, lye & aquarium pH increaser