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Quat Test Paper 0-400ppm

Buy quat test paper in 15 foot rolls for 0-400ppm range & get results in just 1-2 seconds; comes with color chart & only $8.25.

See Details below for instructions on how to get the best results every time.

They come in a reusable plastic dispenser with a 15 foot roll that can be torn into individual usable strips. If used carefully, they can be very economical with ~175 tests possible if short, ~1" pieces are used. The sensitivity and speed of these is similar to our individual strip versions.

SKU: 33819-Roll
Quat (QAC) Dispenser, 0-400ppm, Quick Response, ~15'/roll

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Be sure to dip for only 1-2 seconds & read immediately. Dipping for longer and/or delaying reading will result in incorrect colors-e.g. a deep blue instead of green.

These strips were designed for brand OASIS 146 which consists of:

  • Alkyl dimethylbenzyl ammonium chloride  3.00%
  • Octyldecyldimethyl ammonium chloride    2.25%
  • Di-n-octyldimethyl ammonium chloride     0.90%
  • Di-n-decyldimethyl ammonium chloride    1.35%

These strips are guaranteed to accurately test: OASIS 146, Hyamine 35, Bardac 2250, Sysco (tablets) and others. Different quat formulas may result in different readings & some may require custom color charts.

Note: If vial is properly stoppered, strips have a 2 year shelf life.


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