Chlorine Test Strips, 100/Pk

Running a restaurant & have to pass that health inspection-then you need these 200ppm chlorine bleach test strips-only $5.00 for 100 strips, quantity discounts. 

This is the basic chlorine strip you need for preparing sterilizing rinse water in kitchens. If you use stronger chlorine bleach levels, see our 1000, 2000 & 10000ppm versions.

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Chlorine test strips for food; 0-200ppm, ~100 strips/pack

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How to Use Chlorine Bleach Test Strips

Use our bleach dilution calculator to take out the guesswork out of trying to calculate how to prepare a 50, 100, 200 (or other) ppm chlorine solutions. Watch the video:

Foodborne illness caused by bacteria such as Salmonella sp. can be limited by proper cleaning of dishes, countertops, glassware, etc. followed up by rinsing in a bleach solution. The health codes of most municipalities in North America recommend a level of 100-200ppm for effective germ inhibition. Testing should be done a minimum of once a day in smaller restaurants, more frequently in busy establishments since each freshly rinsed dish or glass will slightly dilute the rinse solution.

These chlorine bleach test strips are very easy to use. Simply dip a strip in the bleach rinse solution & compare to the color chart on the vial. You should be able to determine, in seconds, whether or not your none is at the strength recommended or safe food handling.


  1. Note: If vial is properly stoppered, strips have a 2 year shelf life.
  2. Note: These strips measure free (available) chlorine
  3. Note: The number of strips per pack or vial is approximate.