3 Taste, 1 Control Test Strips

Supertaster combo 4 pack-PTC, thiourea, Na benzoate taste test papers, 1 control-ideal for science fair or tasting parties; save on 400 strips, only $7.95!

See Details below for suggestions on use.

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Taste Strip Combo-PTC, Na Benzoate, Thiorurea, Control

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Taste test strips are mainly used in biology labs to help understand statistics as it relates to genetic variability. However, this information can be used in a very different & interesting way. See the PTC Taste Test Strips under the Details tab for more information.

When people are asked to group themselves by perceived common values they do so by age, sex, race, etc. Since the genes for tasting follow a normal distribution across human populations, so if you now group people by those results you will end up with a completely different mix that crosses all the other barriers. It's a great way to show that people have much more in common with each other than they thought & a greater appreciation for our diversity as a species.

33814-PTCPTC Taste Test Papers, ~100/vial1
33814-NaBSodium benzoate Test Papers, ~100/vial1
33814-TUThiourea Taste Test Papers, ~100/vial1
33814-CtlControl (blank) Taste Test Papers, ~100/vial1