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Vitamin C Test Strips 100/Vial

Getting enough Vitamin C? These test strips give fast accurate results for vitamin C levels in fruits, vegetables, juices & even urine; only $23.00 pack/100.

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Vitamin C test strips, 100/vial, 0-0.1%

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These test strips are calibrated to measure vitamin C from tablets that are dissolved in water but can be used for fruit, vegetable juices & even urine.

Vitamin C levels are shown as percentages where 0.01% equals 10mg/100ml & 0.1% equals 100mg/100ml.  A 1000mg vitamin C tablet dissovled in 1000ml of water should give you are reading of 0.1%.

The Specifications tab shows a special color chart that shows what to expect if there is a lot of citric acid in the juice. The citric acid can make the strips look more purple than blue.

Fruit juices that claim 100% or more of recommended daily allowance (RDA) may read higher than the strips can measure so you might need to dilute the juice. e.g. 9 parts water & 1 part of juice will reduce the concentration to 1/10 the original.

Follow this link for a list of names of Acids in Fruits and Vegetables, Any of these acids can affect the response of the test strips although citric acid should be the most prominent.

5 Stars 2017-09-06

-Denny Meredith
I purchased this product to monitor urine levels of ascorbic acid after beginning Liposomal Vitamin C. These test strips are an indispensable tool to verify that, yes indeed, Liposomal Vitamin C greatly increases blood levels of Vitamin C. Anyone in doubt on the subject of Liposomal Vitamin C can easily and inexpensively confirm for themselves how effective this method of administration actually is. I heartily recommend these test strips to anyone considering Liposomal Vitamin C as an addition to their daily diet. Liposomal Vitamin C works and these test strips confirm it.

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