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Vitamin C Test Strips 50/Vial

Getting enough Vitamin C? These test strips give fast accurate results for vitamin C levels in fruits, vegetables, juices & even urine; only $18.00 pack/50.

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Vitamin C test strips, 50/vial, 0-0.1%

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These test strips are calibrated to measure vitamin C from tablets that are dissolved in water but can be used for fruit, vegetable juices & even urine.

Vitamin C levels are shown as percentages where 0.01% equals 10mg/100ml & 0.1% equals 100mg/100ml.  A 1000mg vitamin C tablet dissovled in 1000ml of water should give you are reading of 0.1%.

The Specifications tab shows a special color chart that shows what to expect if there is a lot of citric acid in the juice. The citric acid can make the strips look more purple than blue.

Fruit juices that claim 100% or more of recommended daily allowance (RDA) may read higher than the strips can measure so you might need to dilute the juice. e.g. 9 parts water & 1 part of juice will reduce the concentration to 1/10 the original.

Click on this link for more information on Natural Acids of Fruits and Vegetables. Any of these acids can affect the response of the test strips although citric acid should be the most prominent.


Click on this link for more information on dichlorophenolindolephenol, which is the chemical used to measure Vitamin C either in aqueous solution or in blood. 

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