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Sanitizer Dilution Calculator

Use this calculator to prepare dilutions for chlorine, iodine or hydrogen peroxide sanitizer solutions. Enter the concentration (1)  in % (per cent) for the starting solution; the final volume (2) you need to prepare in ml or L & the final ppm (3). Then press Calculate to get the volume (4) of concentrate you need. This value, in ml or L, will appear in the empty "Volume" box in #4. Mix this with the amount of water entered in (2).

Note: Chlorine bleach comes in different concentrations; be sure to check.

Tip: If you want to calculate a different ppm, simply clear the box in (step 4), enter a new ppm in (step 2) & press Calculate. You don't have to press "Clear" which removes everything.

Metric to American:

  • 5 ml = ~ 1tsp
  • 25ml = ~1oz
  • 250ml = ~1 cup
  • 1000ml (1L) = ~1 quart
  • 4000ml (4L) = ~1 gallon

Starting Solution (Undiluted Sanitizer):

1) Enter your starting solution concentration in percent (%) in the box below.


Desired ppm & of Diluted Solution:

2) Enter the desired ppm concentration in the box below.


Desired Final Volume of Diluted Solution:

3) Enter final volume of diluted solution in ml or L in the box below.

Example: If is the final volume is 1000ml & sanitizer needed from (4) is 100ml, use 900ml of water.


Required Amount of Undiluted Sanitizer to make Diluted Solution:

4) Press the Calculate button at bottom & amount of undiluted sanitizer to be mixed with water to make Volume (3) will appear in empty box below.



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