Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets

Our metric Nd magnets are incremented in 2.5mm (1/10") steps to make choosing a range for your prototyping needs fast & easy for scientists & engineers.

Where indicated, our neodymium magnets are fully sintered & individually pressed for a guaranteed 13,000 Gauss with ± 5% magnet to magnet variance.

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Disc magnets: where thickness is less than the diameter; specified as " diameter x thickness". Magnetized through the thickness

Rod (cylinder) magnets: where height ≥ diameter; specified as "diameter x height". Magnetized through the thickness

Block (rectangle) magnets: specified as length x width x thickness where length is the largest dimension. Magnetized through the thickness

Square rare earth magnets: specified as length=width x thickness. Magnetized through the thickness

Cube magnets: specified as "length=width=height

Ring magnets: specified as "outer diameter x inner diameter x thickness". Magnetized through the thickness.

Safety Warning!

  • Can damage computer gear & credit cards.
  • Handle with care. Larger magnets can snap together & shatter on impact. 


Specifications for Fully Sintered/Pressed Neodymium Magnets, N42 Grade
Flux Density
Energy Product
Temperature (Tc)
13,000G; 1300mT 12.0 Oe; 955 A/m 17.0 Oe; 1353 A/m 42 MGO; 334 kJ/m3 310oC 80oC -0.12%/Co

Individual magnets list gauss & pull force at various distances, from 0-100mm, above the magnet.