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Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum

In this image of rough endoplasmic reticulum you can make out of the ribosomes which are the active sites for protein synthesis. This image has been cropped from a medium resolution file; details are clearer using the 18Mb image which is one of 5 different file sizes available on the Electron Microscopy PhotoCD.

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Electron Microscopy Photo CD, 97 TEM/SEM Hi-Res. Images


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EM01-Lymphocyte, EM02-Basophil Granulocyte, EM03- Eosinophil Granulocyte, EM04-Rough ER, EM05-Smooth ER, EM06-Mitochondrial Polyribosomes, EM07- Endoplasmic Reticulum, EM08-Ribosomes In Translation, EM09-Mitochondrial Lysosomes, EM10-Mitochondrial Lysosomes, EM11-Phagocytosis, EM12-Nuclear Envelope Structure, EM13-Nuclear Envelope Inner Surface, EM14-Nuclear Pores, EM15-Centriole Pair, EM16-ER Nuclear Envelope, EM17-Metaphase, EM18-Anaphase, EM19-Chromosome Spindle Fibers, EM20-Cell Cytokinesis, EM21-Cytokinesis, EM22-Normal Human Karyotype, EM23-Human Chromosome Karyotype, EM24-Human XY Chromosomes, EM25-Giant Gene Polytene Chromosome, EM26-Giant Gene Lampbrush Chromosomes , EM27-Giant Gene Lampbrush Chromosomes , EM28-M-Rna On Balbiani Ring, EM29-Whole Macrophage, EM30-Red & White Blood Cells, EM31-Developing Erythroblasts, EM32-White Blood Cell, EM33-Red Blood Cell Vein Lumen, EM34-Arteriole Cross Section, EM35-Small Intestine Surface, EM36-Small Intestine Microvilli, EM37-Skeletal Muscle Fibres, EM38-Cardiac Muscle, EM39-Skin Surface, EM40-Skin Surface, EM41-Skin Surface, EM42-Hair Follicle, EM43-Nerve Myelination, EM44-Nerve Myelination, EM45-Taste Buds, EM46-Tongue Taste Buds, EM47-Ciliated Epithelium Of Nose, EM48-Cilia, EM49-E. coli, EM50-Gram Positive Coccus, EM51-Campylobacter Jejuni, EM52-C. Jejuni, EM53-C. Jejuni, EM54-Helicobacter pylori, EM55-Spirillum mancuniense, EM56-Spirochaetes, EM57-Bacteriophage, EM58-C- difficile bacteriophage, EM59-Adenovirus Negative Stain, EM60-Adenovirus in Nucleus, EM61-Adenovirus , EM62-Pox Virus Moluscum Contagiosum, EM63-Pox Virus Moluscum Contagiosum, EM64-Benign Skin Tumor, EM65-ORF virus, EM66-Papova Wart Virus, EM67-Orthomyxoviradae, EM68- Para-Flu Paramyxo Virus, EM69-Herpes Skin Lesions, EM70-Rota Virus, EM71-Astro Virus, EM72- Small Round Structure Virus, EM73-HIV in Human Lymphocyte, EM74-Pneumocystis carcini , EM75-Pneumocystis carcini , EM76-Cryptyosporidium, EM77-Cryptyosporidium, EM78-Cryptyosporidium, EM79-Oocytes, EM80-Giardia, EM81-Giardia, EM82-Trichomonas, EM83-Chloroplasts, EM84-Plant Cell Wall, EM85-Stoma, EM86-Tobacco Mosaic Virus, EM87-Tobacco Mosaic Virus, EM88-Pollen, EM89-Pollen, EM90-Pollen-Mallow, EM91-Pollen Primula, EM92-Pollen Dandelion, EM93-Fungus hypha, EM94-Fungus hypha, EM95-Head Lice, EM96-Flea, EM97-Centipede Head,

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