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Ribosomes in Translation

This is an image of ribosomes in translation, a process whereby genetic information is carried by messenger RNA which in turn produces proteins. More detail is visible in the highest resoluion, 18 Mb, file on the EM PhotoCD.

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Electron Microscopy Photo CD, 97 TEM/SEM Hi-Res. Images


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EM01-Lymphocyte, EM02-Basophil Granulocyte, EM03- Eosinophil Granulocyte, EM04-Rough ER, EM05-Smooth ER, EM06-Mitochondrial Polyribosomes, EM07- Endoplasmic Reticulum, EM08-Ribosomes In Translation, EM09-Mitochondrial Lysosomes, EM10-Mitochondrial Lysosomes, EM11-Phagocytosis, EM12-Nuclear Envelope Structure, EM13-Nuclear Envelope Inner Surface, EM14-Nuclear Pores, EM15-Centriole Pair, EM16-ER Nuclear Envelope, EM17-Metaphase, EM18-Anaphase, EM19-Chromosome Spindle Fibers, EM20-Cell Cytokinesis, EM21-Cytokinesis, EM22-Normal Human Karyotype, EM23-Human Chromosome Karyotype, EM24-Human XY Chromosomes, EM25-Giant Gene Polytene Chromosome, EM26-Giant Gene Lampbrush Chromosomes , EM27-Giant Gene Lampbrush Chromosomes , EM28-M-Rna On Balbiani Ring, EM29-Whole Macrophage, EM30-Red & White Blood Cells, EM31-Developing Erythroblasts, EM32-White Blood Cell, EM33-Red Blood Cell Vein Lumen, EM34-Arteriole Cross Section, EM35-Small Intestine Surface, EM36-Small Intestine Microvilli, EM37-Skeletal Muscle Fibres, EM38-Cardiac Muscle, EM39-Skin Surface, EM40-Skin Surface, EM41-Skin Surface, EM42-Hair Follicle, EM43-Nerve Myelination, EM44-Nerve Myelination, EM45-Taste Buds, EM46-Tongue Taste Buds, EM47-Ciliated Epithelium Of Nose, EM48-Cilia, EM49-E. coli, EM50-Gram Positive Coccus, EM51-Campylobacter Jejuni, EM52-C. Jejuni, EM53-C. Jejuni, EM54-Helicobacter pylori, EM55-Spirillum mancuniense, EM56-Spirochaetes, EM57-Bacteriophage, EM58-C- difficile bacteriophage, EM59-Adenovirus Negative Stain, EM60-Adenovirus in Nucleus, EM61-Adenovirus , EM62-Pox Virus Moluscum Contagiosum, EM63-Pox Virus Moluscum Contagiosum, EM64-Benign Skin Tumor, EM65-ORF virus, EM66-Papova Wart Virus, EM67-Orthomyxoviradae, EM68- Para-Flu Paramyxo Virus, EM69-Herpes Skin Lesions, EM70-Rota Virus, EM71-Astro Virus, EM72- Small Round Structure Virus, EM73-HIV in Human Lymphocyte, EM74-Pneumocystis carcini , EM75-Pneumocystis carcini , EM76-Cryptyosporidium, EM77-Cryptyosporidium, EM78-Cryptyosporidium, EM79-Oocytes, EM80-Giardia, EM81-Giardia, EM82-Trichomonas, EM83-Chloroplasts, EM84-Plant Cell Wall, EM85-Stoma, EM86-Tobacco Mosaic Virus, EM87-Tobacco Mosaic Virus, EM88-Pollen, EM89-Pollen, EM90-Pollen-Mallow, EM91-Pollen Primula, EM92-Pollen Dandelion, EM93-Fungus hypha, EM94-Fungus hypha, EM95-Head Lice, EM96-Flea, EM97-Centipede Head,

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