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Adipose Tissue Frozen Section

 Human Histology Image of Adipose Tissue Frozen Section High Resolution PhotoCD

SKU: 77204
Human Histology Photo CD


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hh01-Tongue, hh02-Parotid, hh03-Parotid, hh04-Parotid Serous Cells, hh05-Large Bowel, hh06-Esophagus, hh07-Esophagus, hh08-Pyloro Duodenal Junction, hh09-Stomach, hh10-Stomach, hh11-Stomach, hh12-Stomach, hh13-Small Intestine, hh14-Small Intestine, hh15-Small Intestine, hh16-Small Intestine, hh17-Small Intestine Villi, hh18-Large Intestine, hh19-Appendix, hh20-Pancreas, hh21-Pancreas , hh22-Pancreas Islets, hh23-Pancreas Islets, hh24-Liver, hh25-Liver, hh26-Liver Bile Ducts, hh27-Gall Gladder, hh28-Kidney, hh29-Kidney Medium Power, hh30-Kidney High Power, HH31-Kidney, HH32-Bladder, hh33-Bladder, hh34-Bladder, hh35-Trachea, hh36-Bronchus Goblet Cells, hh37-Bronchus , hh38-Bronchus , hh39-Lung, hh40-Spinal Cord, hh41-Spinal Cord, hh42-Spinal Cord, hh43-Spinal Cord, hh44-Spinal Cord, hh45-Spinal Cord, hh46-Peripheral Nerve, hh47-Nerve Muscle Junction, hh48-Neuroglia Astrocytes, hh49-Spinal Smear, hh50-Adipose Tissue, hh51-Fibrocartilage, hh52-Fibrocartilage, hh53-Fibrocartilage, hh54-Fibrocartilage, hh55- Costal Cartilage, hh56-Articular Cartilage, hh57-Articular Cartilage, hh58-Tendon, hh59- Decalcified Bone, hh60- Decalcified Bone, hh61-Bone, hh62-Bone, hh63, hh64-Fingertip, hh65-Striated Muscle, hh66-Heart Muscle, hh67-Heart Muscle, hh68-Artery and Vein, hh69-Artery and Vein, hh70-Artery and Vein, hh71-Blood, hh72-Trypanosome, hh73-Blood, hh74-Blood, hh75-Blood, hh76-Spleen, hh77-Spleen Macrophage, hh78-Thyroid, hh79-Thyroid, hh80-Supra Renal, hh81-Pituitary, hh82-Ovary, hh83-Ovary, hh84-Epididymis, hh85-Epididymis, hh86-Epididymis, hh87-Testes, hh88-Testes, hh89-Testes, hh90-Testes, hh91-Testes, hh92-SKin, hh93-Scalp, hh94-Scalp, hh95-Sebaceous Gland, hh96-Skin, hh97-Retina, hh98-Retina, hh99-Cochlea,

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