Shape of Molecules Large Models

This Molecular Geometry set comes with enough parts to build simultaneously 5 models of any of the standard 15 molecule shapes predicted by VSEPR theory.

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Unit Molecular Shapes Classroom Demonstration Models

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2-Linear, 3-Trigonal Planar, 4-Tetrahedral, 5-Trigonal Bipyramidal, 6-Octahedral,

69388CAtom, Unit, 25mm, white (hydrogen)20
69392CAtom, Unit, 45mm, black (carbon)5
69957CUnit VSEPR White Paddle (lone electron pair)5
69958CUnit VSEPR Black Paddle (lone electron pair)5
69400Unit Bond Pegs: 72 pieces: (36 tetra; 24 radial;12 polar)1
69150-60Unit Blue Plastic Bond, 60mm20