Point Group Symmetry Models

Demonstrate molecular symmetry operations with this special version of our Unit classroom molecular model set; includes the minimum number of parts needed to build 20 of the most important point groups. 

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Unit Point Group Symmetry Models

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C1, C2, C2h, C2v, C3, C3h, C3v, Ci, Cinfv, Cs, D2d, D2h, D3d, D3h-ethane, D3h-PCl5, D4d, D4h, Dinfh, Oh, Td,

69388CAtom, Unit, 25mm, white (hydrogen)12
69389CAtom, Unit, 45mm, white (hydrogen bonding)1
69390CAtom, Unit, 45mm, blue (nitrogen)1
69391CAtom, Unit, 45mm, red (oxygen)3
69392CAtom, Unit, 45mm, black (carbon)8
69393CAtom, Unit, 45mm, green (halogen)6
69394CAtom, Unit, 45mm, silver (metal)2
69395CAtom, Unit, 45mm, yellow (sulfur)1
69400Unit Bond Pegs: 72 pieces: (36 tetra; 24 radial;12 polar)1
69150-80Unit Blue Plastic Bond, 80mm19
69150-60Unit Blue Plastic Bond, 60mm4
69084CUnit bond, 90mm white flexible: double/triple bonds4