7 Crystal Systems

This model kit includes all the parts needed to build the 7 crystal systems as shown in the image.The largest model, in the middle, stands 270mm (~11"). tall. See below for more information.

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Unit 7 Crystal Systems Models


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From left to right:

  1. Bottom Row: Monoclinic; Cubic
  2. Middle Row: Tetragonal; Hexagonal; Rhombohedral
  3. Top Row: Triclinic; Orthorhombic

69394CAtom, Unit, 45mm, silver (metal)57
69396CUnit Radial Peg112
69397CUnit Polar Peg12
69399CUnit 12 Coordinate Peg8
69150-60Unit Blue Plastic Bond, 60mm24
69150-80Unit Blue Plastic Bond, 80mm40
69150-120Unit Blue Plastic Bond, 120mm16
69150-180Unit Blue Plastic Bond, 180mm5