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The Unit system is unique in that any atom can take on any geometry. Below are just a few of the ways the atoms & pegs can be combined..

 Unit Peg Placements & Atom Geometries

 Examples of Where Used

Unit Pegs

 Polar Pegs

  1. Use one for univalent atoms
  2. One at each pole for linear atoms
  3. Use with Radial peg for Tri-Bi

Radial Pegs

  1. Use one for univalent atoms
  2. Use 2 for 45, 90, 120, 180 degree
  3. Use with 4/8 for odd angles

Angled (4/8) Pegs

  1. Use 4 for tetrahedral geometry
  2. Use 8 for 8 cooridinate
Unit Geometries

  Left: Tetrahedral with 4 angled (4/8 )


  Centre: Tri-Bi with 3 radial, 2 polar 


   Right: Octahedral w/ 4 radial, 2 polar

Any Unit atom can be built for univalence by adding one of the 3 different pegs. Combinations of these 3 pegs can produce any molecular geometry from divalent to trigonal on up to octahedral.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to make any molecular geometry from any Unit atom.

Univalent Atoms


Divalent Atoms


Trigonal/Trigonal Bipyramidal Atoms


Tetrahedral/Trigonal Pyramidal Atoms

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