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Organic Chemistry Model Set

Our best student organic chemistry molecular model set for university, build millions of organic & biomolecules; only $21.00.

Click on the Details Tab below to see some examples. Still not convinced? Try our 3D Molecular Model Builder & enter any organic compound that's in your course curriculum.

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Molymod Student Molecular Model Set

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The 3D Molecular Model Builder defaults to "Hybrid Dome" which is the style of this model. Simply enter any one of millions of different organic or biological molecules & see if this set can build it.

The Indigo™ Instruments 3D Molecular Model Builder

Build custom organic or bio-molecules models
or choose the best student set for your needs.

Try it now, it's Free!

This chemistry model set is designed primarily for organic chemistry and to a lesser degree inorganic chemistry but is readily adapted to biochemistry and can be used by chemistry and biology students alike for a 4 year degree. For illustrated examples of the many molecules you can model with this set, click on the links below.

  • Optional pi & pi orbital pack for VSEPR theory, hybridization
  • Optional Supplemental atoms for biochemistry
  • Buy all three to get: the Ultimate Student Chemistry Molecular Model Set™ & save 5%.

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Acid Anhydrides , Acid Halides, Alcohols, Aldehydes, Alkanes, Alkenes, Alkynes, Amides, Amines, Carboxylic Acids, Cycloalkanes, Esters, Ethers, Ketones, Nitriles, Organohalogens, p orbitals, Phenols, pi orbitals, Sulfides, Thiols,
60110EAtom, Molymod, white (hydrogen), 1 hole, 17mm2
60111EAtom, Molymod, green (halogen), 1 hole, 17mm8
60114EAtom, Molymod, orange (halogen), 1 hole, 17mm2
60115EAtom, Molymod, purple (halogen), 1 hole, 17mm2
60150EAtom, Molymod, white (hydrogen), hemisphere, 19mm30
60400EAtom, Molymod, black (carbon), 4 hole, 109.5 degrees, 23mm14
60401EAtom, Molymod, blue (nitrogen), 4 hole, 109.5 deg., 23mm4
60402EAtom, Molymod, red (oxygen), 4 hole, 109.5 deg., 23mm6
60511EAtom, Molymod, black (carbon), 5 hole, 120/90deg., 23mm6
60512EAtom, Molymod, blue (nitrogen), 5 hole, 120/90 deg., 23mm2
60610EAtom, Molymod, grey, (metal), 6 hole, octahedral, 23mm2
61012EBond, Molymod, grey (single), 20mm40
61013EBond, Molymod, grey (double/triple), 35mm12
61015EBond, Molymod, opaque, 2mm (for spacefilling models)50
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5 Stars 2017-04-05

Our school purchased a couple of class sets from Indigo. They were nice enough to look at our original order, and offer an alternative that gave us the same number of pieces but at a reduced cost. They also worked with us to modify the contents so that we could get more of a certain type of atom than was originally listed. Overall, a great experience.

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