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Orbit Point Group C3

The Orbit 68821W molecular model kit includes parts to build triphenylphosphine to show propeller rotation in the C3 point group

SKU: 68821W
Orbit Point Groups

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The 68821W Orbit Point Group Molecular Model set can build all the point group models listed simultaneously. You can also build the C3 point group with the following sets: the advanced Orbit 68827W Chemistry Structures Molecular Model Set & the 68847W ClassOrganic-Inorganic Molecular Model set. The basic Orbit 68845NV organic chemistry model kit needs addtiional sp3 carbons.

Three examples of molecules found in common use in the C3 point group include: bromothymol blue, chlorphenol red & phenolphthalein. All of the compounds have use as indicators that are pH sensitive.

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68216CAtom, Orbit, H, white, 1 prong95
68217CAtom, Orbit, N, blue, 1 prong2
68219CAtom, Orbit, F, light green, 1 prong15
68221CAtom, Orbit, Cl, green, 1 prong16
68228CAtom, Orbit, S, 100 degree, yellow8
68230CAtom, Orbit, O, 110 degree, red8
68241CAtom, Orbit, C, planar: 120-120-120, black1
68244CAtom, Orbit, C, tetrahedral, black50
68245CAtom, Orbit, N, tetrahedral, blue8
68247CAtom, Orbit, P, tetrahedral, purple1
68255CAtom, Orbit, S, octahedral, yellow 1
68258CAtom, Orbit, metal, octahedral, grey3
68259CAtom, Orbit, C, trigonal bipyramidal, black11
68505COrbit 5 prong connector2
68186-20Wobbly bond, 20mm, each104
68186-25Wobbly bond, 25mm, each10
68186-30Wobbly bond, 30mm, each52
68186-35Wobbly bond, 35mm, each39
68186-50Wobbly bond, 50mm, each10

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