Graphene Sheet Nanotube Film

This graphene sheet molecular model kit comes with 500 atoms to build 3 versions of the graphene lattice structure each which measures roughly 325x175mm.

SKU: 67788W
Minit graphene kit, 500 atoms +750 vinyl "wobbly" bonds


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The structure to the right is 3 of the same stitched together and is ~325mm wide and 700mm long (13x28") and made up of about 450 atoms. The actual model has straight sides but the shape has been altered slightly with an image perspective tool.

The upper left shows 2 sheets that have been overlaid to demonstrate that the different layers in graphite can slide over each other or be separated into single layer carbon graphene sheets. 

67318CAtom, Minit, C, trigonal: 120-120-120, black500
67180-15Minit bonds 15mm, clear vinyl750