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Diamond Crystal Structure Model

This diamond crystal structure molecular model has 1020 atoms, 1820 bonds & stands 14" tall; save big-only $169.00..

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SKU: 67787W
Minit diamond kit, 1020 atoms+1850 vinyl "wobbly" bonds


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This diamond model has 14 layers & has of over 1000 carbon atoms & 1800 of our Minit version of the clear "wobbly"™ bonds. It stands 350mm (~14") tall & measures 425mm (~16.5") along each edge. The repeating cell structure is especially evident as you look down any of the channels.

The model has been assembled as a pyramid for photographic effect but could just as easily be built as flat disc 4 layers deep to mimic a synthetic diamond coating. 

Instructions for building a model similar to this can be viewed at the Diamond Crystal Stucture Unit Cell Molecular Model kit pages.

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67180-15Minit bonds 15mm, clear vinyl1850
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