Zinc Oxide Nanowire Model

This zinc oxide (ZnO) nanowire structure model is 800mm long by 80mm wide & includes 208 atoms & 325 bonds; only $29.95.

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Minit zinc oxide nanowire model; 208 atoms; 15mm clear bonds


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 The image shows a simplified version of a zinc oxide (ZnO) "nanowire" model. We built it with only 3 subunits across to keep the cross section small without sacrificing strength. The model shown below is 80mm across and 800mm long & uses 15mm bonds to get the highest aspect ratio.

There are no printed instructions for this model but we prepared starter versions showing one and two layers. The main thing to watch for is that no 2 atoms of the same color are adjacent & if you look down the "tube" you see 3 distinct channels.

Special thanks to Martin Plante of McMaster University, Hamilton, ON for his assistance in building this model. 

67323CAtom, Minit, O, tetrahedral, red104
67328CAtom, Minit, Metal, tetrahedral, grey104
67180-15Minit bonds 15mm, clear vinyl325