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AtoMag™ Magnetic Molecular Models

Magnetize your Molymod molecular models with neodymium rare earth magnets..

All you need are our 5x5mm neodymium rod magnets and Molymod atoms.

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How to Build Your Own AtoMag™


  1. Stack all the 5x5mm neodymium rod magnets so poles face the same way.
  2. Separate & mark one end with black marker to denote "N"
    (N & S is arbitrary for this application; just be consistent).
  3. Turn half upside down so unmarked "S" is facing upwards.
  4. Line up all N magnets in one row, all "S" magnets in another
  5. Press 2 of into the holes of the 4 hole carbon atom
  6. If done correctly, 2 each "N" & 2 unmarked "S" should be showing.
  7. Have fun.