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We carry only name brand molecular models for organic & inorganic chemistry, biochemistry & lattice structures. Molymod & Orbit are 30 year old UK brands synonmous with quality.

Click on the Model Style (Molymod/Orbit/Minit/Unit) or Product Grouping (Students/DNA/VSEPR/Point Groups) for the full range of products.

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The most popular of our student organic/inorganic chemistry models are listed in either Molymod Sets & Orbit Sets or together in Student Sets

Check out the original, precision made 17 base pair DNA model used to build the Big Bang Theory model.

Molymod Molecular Models have been produced in the UK for over 30 years by Spiring Enterprises & have been offered on-line by Indigo™ Instruments since 1994. Genuine thing. As with anything, you get what you pay for.

Genuine Molymod Molecular Model Parts

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