Magnaprobe Analog Magnetometers

Magnaprobe magnetic field analog indicator for magnetic flux detection.

Buy the original Cochranes of Oxford for reliability.

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  • Magnaprobe Magnetic Force Detector
    SKU: 44701 $49.50USD or lower
    Magnaprobe Magnetic Force Detector
  • Magnaprobe Magnetic Pole Detector
    SKU: 44702 $12.95USD or lower
    Magnaprobe Magnetic Pole Detector
  • FieldView Magnetic Field ViewingTable
    SKU: 33745P $2.50USD or lower
    FieldView Magnetic Field ViewingTable
  • Plotting Compasses
    SKU: 44513 $0.50USD or lower
    Plotting Compasses
  • Iron Filings 3.5 Gram Vial
    SKU: 33476-3.5 $0.95USD
    Iron Filings 3.5 Gram Vial

Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 products) Result Pages:  1 

Magnaprobe™ is a trademark of Cochranes of Oxford, UK. If you see a similar black handled version selling for <$10, it is a cheap knockoff from "you know where". If you see a green or red handled version, it's a knockoff too, so Caveat emptor

Magnaprobes use gimbal mounted bar magnets find poles or detect magnetic flux with the Mark I ideal for testing magnet shield effectiveness.