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32mm (1.25") Tube-Rack Combo

This combination of test tube rack, 32x200mm test tubes & cork stoppers is offered at a special price. If bought separately, these items would cost $45.00. It includes 1 test tube rack, 12 corks & 12 heat resistant borosilicate test tubes (includes a spare).

This rack & tube combo is suitable for either spices or shooters with each tube having a capacity of 125ml (5 oz).

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SKU: 33775-32C
Test tube rack + 12 32x200mm tubes & 12 cork stoppers

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You can also use this test tube rack special with the copper/zinc electrode/wire combination to make a simple & convenient set up of chemical batteries. Each test tube has lots of room for 2 electrodes & can be filled with vingear, coke or citric acid solutions as individual cells which you can then connect in series or parallel.

33775Test tube rack, plastic, holds 12 32mm test tubes1
55911RTest tubes, glass, 32x200mm (1.25x8 inch), 125ml (5oz) rim12
33734-15Cork stopper, #15, 31.6 High x 32.4 Top x 27mm Bottom12

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