Rack Tubes Corks Combo

This test tube rack combo includes our large clear rack, 5 38x200mm test tubes & 5 #18 cork stoppers at a discounted price; save over 10% compared to buying separately; reduced freight costs as well.

Use them to hold spices, candies, teas. Go to candies sprinkles test tube racks examples & then the Details tab.

SKU: 33776-38C
Test tube rack, plastic + 5 38x200mm tubes & corks


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33776Test tube rack, plastic, holds 5 38x200mm test tubes1
55912RTest tubes, glass, 38x200mm (1.5x8 inch), 175ml (7oz) rim5
33734-18Cork Stopper, #18, 37.8 High x 37.4 Top x+ 30.8mm Bottom5