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4 Tier Indoor Flower Stand

This simple lab hardware becomes a robust 4 tier indoor plant stand when combined with 125mm (5") support rings. Adorn a bare window with your favorite plants arranged to make the best use of space-great for your lab or office window or at home.

This combination of our large 300x180mm (12x7") support base, 3 250mm (10") rods, 4 bossheads & 4 125mm (5") rings sells separately for $60.50 but is offered at the special price of $47.50.

This assembly is completely adjustable in X, Y & Z directions. You can position plants anywhere both vertically & horizontally to make sure each plant gets enough light. The large base is very stable & additional bossheads & rings can be added if desired but be sure to position plants so the stand doesn't topple over. 

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SKU: 33762-4125
Large base, 3 rods, 4 rings & 4 bossheads


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