4 Sizes Prisms+Lens Paper

This special includes all 4 sizes of our glass equilateral prisms & a pack of lint free cleaning paper-only $21.95, $28.00 if sold separately.

SKU: 44750-4P
Four Equilateral Prism Special: 50-75-100-150mm+lint paper


Quantity :


44751Glass prism, 50x25mm, equilateral, BK7, (2x1")1
44753Glass prism, 75x25mm equilateral, BK7, (3x1")1
44754Glass prism, 100x25mm equilateral, BK7, (4x1")1
44756Glass prism, 150x25mm equilateral, BK7, (6x1")1
33809Lens cleaning paper, lint free, 25 2x3" sheets, Type/Class 11