Metal Element Strips Conductivity Tests

Our copper, zinc, carbon & aluminum electrodes are 5x3/4" with 25% greater surface area for more current to ensure fruit/potato battery experiment works.

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  • Copper Electrode Element Strip
    SKU: 43771 $3.50USD or lower
    Copper Electrode Element Strip
  • Zinc Electrode Element Strip
    SKU: 43772 $2.50USD or lower
    Zinc Electrode Element Strip
  • 10 Cu/Zn Electrodes, 10 Wires
    SKU: 43781 $23.95USD or lower
    10 Cu/Zn Electrodes, 10 Wires
  • Lead Electrode Element Strip
    SKU: 43773 $2.50USD or lower
    Lead Electrode Element Strip
  • Iron Electrode Element Strip
    SKU: 43774 $1.35USD or lower
    Iron Electrode Element Strip
  • Aluminum Electrode Element Strip
    SKU: 43775 $1.50USD or lower
    Aluminum Electrode Element Strip
  • Brass Electrode Strip
    SKU: 43777 $2.00USD or lower
    Brass Electrode Strip
  • Flat Carbon (Graphite) Electrodes
    SKU: 43778 $5.00USD or lower
    Flat Carbon (Graphite) Electrodes
  • Alligator Clips
    SKU: 43780 $2.95USD or lower
    Alligator Clips

Displaying 1 to 9 (of 9 products) Result Pages:  1 

Here are some images useful for correctly creating different types of fruit/vegetable batteries. Click on the "Technical" Tab for additional information.  Source:

A Battery Parallel Series


We also offer optional alligator clips & wires so you can connect these electrodes in series or in parallel to LEDs, etc. A digital multimeter (voltmeter/ammeter) is recommended for testing circuits.

Click on this link for Potato Experiment for more information making copper-zinc electrode potato battery.