It's hard to believe we've been on the World Wide Web 20 years-since October 1994. Our first web host, was, the orginal domain name registrar which was administered on behalf of the NIH by ATT. We had our first customer two weeks later-UC Berkeley & have since sold quality science education products around the world.

We started by offering the complete range of genuine Molymod molecular models. Up until then, it was impossible to buy spare parts to build custom models as research types were inclined to do. More recently, we launched our 3D Molecular Model Builder which makes choosing model parts & sets for virtually any organic compound even easier.

Our models are on view almost everywhere including major museums, universities & even TV's Big Bang Theory. Moreover, in spite of low cost, low quality copycats, our sales of molecular models are better than ever, helped no doubt by the science degrees of all our sales staff. .

We offer a very broad range of test strips for sanitizers/disinfectants such as chlorine, peroxide & QAC, water quality, taste, fertilizer/nutrients in bioreactors and farm runoff. For many of them we list technical papers from expert sources. 

We recently highlighted 4 of the 6 types of chlorine strips including those used for Ebola, restaurants & daycare. Read our blog on Chlorine Bleach Disinfectant-An Old Chemical for New Bugs. We even found a new use for pH & cobalt chloride paper. See our blog on Leak Detection: Water, Ammonia, H2S.
Years ago, we were contacted by a geology exploration company about putting their logo on one of our magnifiers. This has since grown into a highly diverse business where we now service corporate, academic, philanthropic, national park and other organizations with customized geology lenses, linen testers & mini-magnifiers.

One of the most popular promotional magnifiers we have carried for over 10 years is our wallet sized card magnifier. We are especially fortunate in having access to very high quality screen & digital printing as well as full colour decals for these.