250ml Class A Volumetric Flask

The 250 ml volumetric flask has Class A accuracy for analytical chemistry and can be used for serial dilutions or accurate solutions. Each flask comes with a calibration certificate.

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Flask, volumetric Class A 250ml, borosilicate, glass stopper

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 Class A volumetric flasks are intended for preparing precise solutions & come with tight fitting ground glass stoppers to minimize evaporation when long term storage is required. For less accurate solutions & more economical storage, glass conical erlenmeyer flasks are recommended.

There are: ~25ml/fluid ounce; ~25mm/inch; ~25g/ounce
Volume (ml) Accuracy (ml) Height (mm) Diameter Max (mm) Diameter Neck(mm)
250 ±0.15 220±2.5 80±1.5 ~19