Chemistry Glassware-Laboratory Glass

Science glassware isn't just for labs-whether you're a chef or party planner, quality test tubes, flasks & beakers can be affordable without being cheap.

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Buy just one piece or get 25-50% discounts on box or case quantities of borosilicate glass chemistry lab glassware.

No Glassware Returns

If you are unsure what glassware is best
for your needs please contact us before ordering.

Glassware cannot be returned for any reason; this is for your safety and ours. It would be prohibitively expensive to test for bacteriological, chemical or radiological agents since there is no way to tell if glass has been contaminated just by looking at it. We would have to throw it away even if you claim to never have opened the package.

However, if the item is clearly defective, either heavily bubbled, chipped or with really bad markings, send us an image & we will refund you.