The original DNA double helix molecular model that the Big Bang Theory model was made from was designed in 2000 consists of 17 base pairs & stands about 1 metre (3 feet tall). The first one was sold to Bell Labs in New Jersey with hundreds since going to museums, universities, hospitals, corporations, TED lectures & lawyers around the world.

The production people at the Big Bang Theory studio ordered 2 of these models at the end of season 1 & connected them to form one big model, 34 base pairs high or 6' (~2m). The model has been featured prominently albeit in the background & has just finished its 7th season (spring 2014).

The model on the TV set is starting to show its age having been knocked about with parts now missing & others incorrectly reattached. Because of this, we decided to build our own version so you could see what the original looked like & photographed it as a stereo pair. If you focus on the two images & cross your eyes, a third image in stereo or "3D" should appear in the middle. The image is deliberately a little bit fuzzy to vex the copycats but you can tell ours is the real thing by the sizes of the major & minor grooves.