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Tuning Forks

Buy the best tuning forks for science, medicine & music made from world famous Sheffield steel; why buy a toy when the best costs just a little more?

John Walker tuning forks are designed for accuracy, not loudness. They are guaranteed for life to deliver perfect pitch if properly maintained.

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Click on the Technical tab for a history of John Walker tuning forks & technical information on how they are made & why they are superior.

Click on this pdf file a broad overview of the use & history of our various John Walker Tuning Forks.

A typical "toy" tuning fork as shown on the left is made from bent wire that is welded to a simple stem. 

It costs less than a dollar to make & comes with no technical quarantees for accuracy & is only rough tuned.

All John Walker forks are triple tuned & are guaranteed accurate to  +/- 0.05Hz (better than 0.01% for a 512Hz fork). 



For additional details on the manufacturing procedures for these forks, click on "How Ragg Turning Forks are Made"

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