Water Testing Strips

Water indicator paper is available in strips or sheets to locate water or moisture in cracks, car doors, roofs, shipping materials & more. We also provide strips for checking levels of water hardness.

If you are looking for something that might be found in water such as iron, hydrogen sulfide, sulfite, ammonia, phosphate, nitrate, check the Miscellaneous Test Strips or Bioreactor Test Strips sections.

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  • Moisture Leak Detection Sheets
    SKU: 33813-Co8 $3.95USD or lower
    Moisture Leak Detection Sheets
  • Wide pH Range Water Detection Paper
    SKU: 33813-U8 $4.65USD or lower
    Wide pH Range Water Detection Paper
  • Water Indicator Test Sheet
    SKU: 33813-CR8 $3.95USD or lower
    Water Indicator Test Sheet
  • Water Moisture Leak Detection
    SKU: 33813-Co $2.75USD or lower
    Water Moisture Leak Detection
  • Water Hardness Test Strips
    SKU: 33813-Hard $13.95USD or lower
    Water Hardness Test Strips
  • Water/Urine/Saliva pH 4.5-10 100/Pk
    SKU: 33811-4510 $11.25USD or lower
    Water/Urine/Saliva pH 4.5-10 100/Pk
  • Variable Moisture Detection Strips
    SKU: 33813-2080 $12.95USD
    Variable Moisture Detection Strips

Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 products) Result Pages:  1