0-1000ppm Chlorine Test Strips

These 0-1000ppm strips are ideal for cruise ships, daycare & seniors homes which can have stricter disinfection needs than for food preparation & handling. This test strip measures free (available) chlorine only &comes 100 per pack.

Click on the Details tab below for how to use these bleach testing strips or go right to our sanitizer dilution calculator.

SKU: 33815-1000
Chlorine Test Strips Food Safety; 0-1000ppm, ~100 strips/pk

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You can use our dilution calculator to correctly calculate the amount of bleach & water needed to prepare the ppm levels indicated above. This calculator will allow for any concentration of chlorine bleach to be used to prepare a sanitizing/disinfecting solution.

In the case of cruise ships, food borne illnesses could spread rapidly because of the relatively crowded conditions and overwhelm on board health care facilities. These high level, 1000ppm (0.1%) chlorine test strips will determine in seconds whether your chlorine bleach solutions are at the higher strengths required.

Simply dip a strip into the bleach solution, ensuring that the small indicator pad is fully immersed for a few moments. Withdraw the strip and compare to the color chart on the pack for immediate, accurate readings.

Note(1): If vial is properly stoppered, strips have a 2 year shelf life.

Note(2): These strips measure free (available) chlorine

Note(3): The number of strips per pack or vial is approximate.

You can view the structure of the chemical indicator for this strip by clicking on: 3,3’,5,5’ – tetramethylbenzidine.

Here is a brief note from the Center for Disease Control on how to reduce the risk of getting a norovirus based illness on cruise ships, in nursing homes, daycare of schools.