Monoclinic Crystal Structure

The monoclinic unit cell model shown in the image is approximately 200mm (8") per side and is ideal for classroom demonstration. Crystals showing a monoclinic structure include gypsum and mica. 

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Unit monoclinic crystal lattice system model, 8 green atoms


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 The model of the monoclinic system has the following specifications:

  • The front & back planes form a rectangle; vertical bonds are 65mm; horizontal are 125mm
  • The front plane connects to the back plane with 83mm bonds
  • The acute angle in the top & bottom planes is 60-70 degrees
  • The obtuse angles in the top & bottom planes is 110-120 degrees
  • There are holes in the equatorial position that are 60 or 70 & 110 or 120 degrees apart
  • The top atoms connect to the bottom atoms using the polar holes


69393CAtom, Unit, 45mm, green (halogen)8
69396CUnit Radial Peg, each16
69397CUnit Polar Peg, each8
69080CUnit bond, 65mm, aluminum4
69081CUnit bond, 83mm, aluminum4
69082CUnit bond, 125mm, aluminum4