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Organic Chemistry Model Set-Basic

This basic organic chemistry model kit comes with 70 atoms for building alkanes, aromatics, amino acids, VSEPR & more for only $15.95; buy 3, save $6.00. Yes, get together with 2 friends & save enough to make freight free (depends on shipping method).

Click on Details below to see examples of the major chemical groups you can build with this set.

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SKU: 68845NV
Orbit Foundation Basic Chemistry Model Set w/ Orbitals

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 Economical & versatile, this student set does it all whether you are a chemistry major, engineer or biologist who needs 1 only chemistry credit. This set can build models for VSEPR theory or alkanes, alkenes, aromatics, sugars, amino acids & more!

  1. cyclohexane; 15 double thick bonds for chair-boat flips and
  2. parts for any of the 20 amino acids, sugars, fats and
  3. stereochemistry: chiral pairs, cis & trans and
  4. 14 orbitals for VSEPR Theory, lone electron pairs; and
  5. lots of bonds for building lots more stuff such as:
  6. alcohols, thiols, amines, ketones, and more
  7. simple lattices such as diamond (not shown)
  8. compact ziploc bag fits pocket or purse (not shown) and
  9. comes with basic instruction guide (not shown) 

Note: The bonds loosen after repeated use but the set has 50 each of the 20 & 30mm size which should last a minimum of 2 courses.

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68216CAtom, Orbit, H, white, 1 prong18
68217CAtom, Orbit, N, blue, 1 prong2
68218CAtom, Orbit, O, red, 1 prong2
68221CAtom, Orbit, Cl, green, 1 prong6
68225CAtom, Orbit, C, 180 degree, black1
68228CAtom, Orbit, S, 100 degree, yellow1
68230CAtom, Orbit, O, 110 degree, red6
68241CAtom, Orbit, C, planar: 120-120-120, black1
68244CAtom, Orbit, C, tetrahedral, black16
68245CAtom, Orbit, N, tetrahedral, blue2
68246CAtom, Orbit, O, tetrahedral, red2
68247CAtom, Orbit, P, tetrahedral, purple1
68248CAtom, Orbit, S, tetrahedral, yellow sulphur1
68258CAtom, Orbit, metal, octahedral, grey1
68259CAtom, Orbit, C', trigonal bipyramidal, black1
68303Orbit bonds, grey, 35mm, 50/bundle1
68306Orbit bonds, grey, 20mm, 50/bundle1
68533Orbit bonds, grey, 35mm, extra rigid, 15/bundle1
68416COrbital for showing lone electron pair, white, Orbit style7
68417COrbital for showing lone electron pair, black, Orbit style7
68082EInstructions for 68845NV, 68827W, 68847W1