Maltose Disaccharide Structure

 This page shows a model of maltose, a glucose disaccharide from starch.

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Orbit sugar structures molecular model kit

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The image shows maltose, an important disaccharide composed of two molecules of alpha D-glucose. It is a subunit produced by the digestion of starch. You can also build similar models in the Miolymod hybrid style with our 62115 Glucose Molecule Structures Model Kit.

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68216CAtom, Orbit, H, white, 1 prong200
68230CAtom, Orbit, O, 110 degree, red100
68244CAtom, Orbit, C, tetrahedral, black100
68186-20Wobbly bond, 20mm, each225
68186-30Wobbly bond, 30mm, each250
68366Orbit bonds, opaque, 20mm, 15/bundle1
68218CAtom, Orbit, O, red, 1 prong3
68242CAtom, Orbit, N, planar: 120-120-120, blue3
68267CAtom, Orbit, double/triple bond peg/insert6
68241CAtom, Orbit, C, planar: 120-120-120, black3