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Buy Molymod brand molecular model kits for organic & inorganic chemistry & biochemistry with genuine Molymod parts..

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  • Carbon Nanotube Structure Model
    SKU: 62013 $130.00USD or lower
    Carbon Nanotube Structure Model
  • Diamond Carbon Structure Model
    SKU: 62100 $23.95USD or lower
    Diamond Carbon Structure Model
  • Graphite Lattice Structure Model
    SKU: 62101 $39.50USD or lower
    Graphite Lattice Structure Model
  • Graphite Lattice Structure Model
    SKU: 62101-2 $179.00USD or lower
    Graphite Lattice Structure Model
  • Buckyball Structure C60 model
    SKU: 62102 $49.50USD or lower
    Buckyball Structure C60 model
  • Ice Crystal Structure Model Kit
    SKU: 62123-3 $49.95USD
    Ice Crystal Structure Model Kit
  • Fatty Acid Structure Molecules
    SKU: 62114 $79.00USD
    Fatty Acid Structure Molecules
  • Sodium Chloride Crystal Lattice
    SKU: 62124 $24.95USD
    Sodium Chloride Crystal Lattice
  • Zinc Blende Lattice Structure Model
    SKU: 62125 $29.95USD
    Zinc Blende Lattice Structure Model
  • Silicon Dioxide Quartz Model
    SKU: 62136A $39.95USD
    Silicon Dioxide Quartz Model
  • Amino Acid Structure Models
    SKU: 62120 $160.00USD or lower
    Amino Acid Structure Models
  • 3 Glucose Models-Saccharides
    SKU: 62115 $39.95USD or lower
    3 Glucose Models-Saccharides
  • Molymod Human Sex Hormones
    SKU: 62500 $123.00USD
    Molymod Human Sex Hormones
  • THC Marijuana Molecule Model
    SKU: 62201A $49.95USD
    THC Marijuana Molecule Model
  • Cocaine Molecule Model Kit
    SKU: 62202A $39.95USD
    Cocaine Molecule Model Kit
  • Heroin Chemical Structure Model
    SKU: 62203A $49.95USD
    Heroin Chemical Structure Model
  • Ecstasy Chemical Structure Model
    SKU: 62204A $27.95USD
    Ecstasy Chemical Structure Model
  • Ketamine Chemical Structure Model
    SKU: 62205A $27.95USD
    Ketamine Chemical Structure Model
  • Caffeine Chemical Structure Model
    SKU: 62206A $24.95USD
    Caffeine Chemical Structure Model
  • Nicotine Chemical Structure Model
    SKU: 62207A $24.95USD
    Nicotine Chemical Structure Model
  • Methamphetamine Structure Model
    SKU: 62210A $24.95USD
    Methamphetamine Structure Model
  • LSD 3D Chemical Structure Model
    SKU: 62208A $46.95USD
    LSD 3D Chemical Structure Model

Displaying 1 to 22 (of 22 products) Result Pages:  1 

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