Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets

Are Indigo magnets for you? Our metric Nd magnets are all incremented in 2.5mm steps to make choosing a range for your prototyping needs faster.

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Disc magnets have a thickness less than their diameter & are specified as "diameter x thickness".

Rod (cylinder) magnets are round magnets with height equal or greater than diameter and are specified as "diameter x height".

Ring magnets are round magnets with a hole in the middle & are listed as "outer diameter x inner diameter x thickness".

Block (rectangle) magnets are listed as "length x width x thickness" with length always being the largest dimension of the three.

Square rare earth magnets have two sides of equal length and dimensions are specified as "side x side x thickness"

Cube magnets are specified as "side x side x side" since all 3 sides of a cube are equal length.

Safety Warning!

  • Can damage computer gear & credit cards.
  • Handle with care. Larger magnets can snap together & shatter on impact. 


Each magnet type (disc, rod, etc.) has a Technical Tab that lists pull force & surface gauss of all the magnets for comparison. 

Each individual magnet (click on its image) lists this information & gauss & pull force at various heights above the magnet.