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Chemistry Cat Meme

Chemistry Cat Memes that are absolutely Meowgnificent!

In honour of National Cat Day we decided to put together a quick list of  our top 10 favourite Chemistry Cat memes! Here goes!

1.chemistry cat meme

If I had a choice between DNA and RNA, I would choose RNA, Because it has a U in it.


Chemistry Cat meme

I wish your name was Avogadro, because then I would already know your number.


Chemistry Cat meme

When a DNA gene is damaged or changed, Meowtation occurs.


Chemistry Cat Meme

You’re a 10? On the pH scale maybe, cause you basic.


chemistry cat meme

How often di you like jokes about elements? Periodically.



I once wrote a book on Helium, everyone who read it couldn’t put the book down.


best chemistry cat memes

I would’ve given you flowers, but I never botany.


best chem cat memes

When the Hydrogen got arrested the police told him he could make a call, but then he replied “Call who? I don’t have a family”.


chemistry cat joke

I realized I weighed nothing on a milligram scale, and I was like Omg.


chemistry cat memes

Schrodinger’s cat walks into a car… and doesn’t.

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Science Gifts for All Seasons

Everyone is familiar with pens, calendars, notepads, etc. that have been imprinted with company names or events.  Over the years, we have been surprised at how simple science tools have been turned into science gifts & giveaways to promote club activities, commemorate events, celebrate weddings or advertise products & services. Many were for people & companies with an involvement in science & technology.

Magnifiers in particular are popular. Perhaps they are an apt metaphor for “take a closer look at us” or are just plain useful since we’ve all had to read the “fine print”.

Here are just a few examples of science promotional items we’ve supplied over the years.

 Magnifiers-Linen Testers/Printers Loupes

Linen testers, also known as printers loupes are used in the ink production & print industries, textile & fabric trade & more. As can be seen in the image below, these industries are well represented.

The various logos below have been silk screened onto the 25mm (1″) metal linen testers that have largely been used as corporate gifts & commemorative pieces because of the high quality of the product & logo printing. The lower front row features single color imprints including metallic silver & gold. The second row have 2 colors & the top row, 3-5.

Metal Printers Loupes with Logos
Metal Printers Loupes with Logos

The plastic versions of the linen testers come in white & black & in two sizes.  Many more types of businesses & organizations are represented here including historians, photocopiers, nature, document security & banking. Because of the much lower cost, many of these are produced in larger volume than the metal ones & can be used as trade show giveaways.

White linen testers are also more compatible with decals which can be done in full color. The decal material is practically invisible once applied & hi-tack glue makes them next to impossible to remove.

Plastic Linen Testers with Logos
Plastic Linen Testers with Logos

Hand Lenses

Folding hand lenses such as these geology loupes are popular in earth science & rockhounding clubs, mining & exploration, pest control, gemology & more.  The metal ones below are also used as high-end business gifts in these industries.

Metal Hand Lenses with Logos
Metal Hand Lenses with Logos

The plastic versions are more economical & find favour with nature groups, museums, earth science & more. The lower row features the single lens 5X version with keychain which can also be customized using a different type of decal.

Plastic Hand Lenses with Logos
Plastic Hand Lenses with Logos


These mini-magnifiers have gone to the most diverse range of all including art  galleries & antique stores, nature & horticulture groups, home inspection, technology & much more. The examples below use our full color decals & different ones can be put on each side.

Plastic Minimagnifiers-Full Color Decals
Plastic Minimagnifiers-Full Color Decals

Bookmark Rulers

Everybody reads so what better gift than a ruler-magnifier that doubles as a bookmark. These have found use in celebrating anniversaries, hosting science conferences, book publishing & more.

Ruler Bookmark Magnifiers-Full Color Logos
Ruler Bookmark Magnifiers-Full Color Logos

Credit Card Magnifiers

When it comes to bang for the buck, nothing matches the simple credit card magnifier. Single color screen printed versions are the most popular but for large volume & best quality, the full color digitally printed ones shown below are unequalled.

Card Magnifiers-Full Color Logos
Card Magnifiers-Full Color Logos

Glass Prisms

Glass prisms are immediately recognizable as being science tools. You can print on the front surface and/or back or bottom & in reverse so that 2 images can be viewed at the same time.

The top row has ruler markings printed in reverse on the bottom face. The one on the left has a logo printed on the front face while the one on the right has its logo printed in reverse on the back face.

Printed Glass Prisms-Logos & Rulers
Printed Glass Prisms-Logos & Rulers

 Test Tube Racks & Test Tubes

Test tubes & racks have grown increasingly popular with their versatility whether they are used as spice racks, beverage samplers or for storing pens & pencils on a desktop. In the image below, you could add a couple of test tubes to hold paper clips & add a full color decal at one or both ends.

Test Tube Rack Science Gift
Test Tube Knick Knack Rack

Molecular Models

We don’t know how many of our 17 base pair DNA models have gone as gifts to retiring scientists,  awards to philanthropists, event centerpieces, TV shows, movies & more but millions of people have seen them. It is clearly our best example of a molecular model used as an award.

17 Base Pair DNA Model
The Best DNA Double Helix Model Science Gift Anywhere

More recently, custom made models of Galeterone, a prostate cancer drug, were mounted in display cases & handed out as mementos for a successful Wall Street IPO.  Lisa Ortega of Milestone Awards ( was commissioned to get these models from us & then have them mounted in a display case as shown in the image inset.

Her requirements were that the model had to be a guaranteed accurate rendering of the drug’s molecular structure, use off the shelf the parts to keep the cost reasonable & impart a look of professionalism. You can see that this molecule has 2 highly strained 5 member rings & only Genuine Molymod parts were up to the task of meeting all these needs.

Galeterone Structure Model
Custom Molecular Model-Build Your Own

Science affects us every day in every way. If you or your organization are contributing to better our standard of living, let them know in a meaningful way.