Ferrite Bar Magnets

Our red & blue bar magnets are child safe for teaching basic magnetism such as attraction/repulsion; single bars from $0.25, save on volume.

All are painted blue & red & stamped N-S for easy identification of the north & south poles. You can do simple repulsion-attraction with 2 bar magnets or demonstrate the 3D nature of magnetic fields. Use them to pick up paper clips or use with iron filings or compasses to plot magnetic lines of force.

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  • 50x13x10mm Red-Blue/N-S Bar Magnet
    SKU: 33541 $0.60USD or lower
    50x13x10mm Red-Blue/N-S Bar Magnet
  • 50x16x4mm Red-Blue/N-S Bar Magnet
    SKU: 33542 $0.25USD or lower
    50x16x4mm Red-Blue/N-S Bar Magnet
  • 120x22x10mm Red-Blue/N-S Bar Magnet
    SKU: 33543 $2.00USD or lower
    120x22x10mm Red-Blue/N-S Bar Magnet

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 products) Result Pages:  1 

Watch this (really old, pre HD) video of the magnaprobe in action with bar magnets. 

You can view a report on Paint Analysis that shows safe levels of heavy metals.